Sunday, August 26, 2012

Irrefutable evidence of Criminal Staking and Impersonation .@FBIpressoffice

August 26, 2013

"The Rocking V Lodge"

Jude Vosika exposed for the fraud she is! Still stalking me after ALL this time?


You should see the comment @rockingjude left under the name @Vaxen_var on my website. Because I'm NOT a casual observer, I recognized the semantics immediately and approved the comment.

Vaxen confirmed by e-mail that it was not him, so this can not be written off as false allegation, slander or libel. This is not the first time Jude Vosika has impersonated other accounts on twitter or on the Internet. The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious and leaves me to wonder why she has not been arrested for impersonating someone on the Internet which is illegal and a violation of Twitter Terms of Service and Federal Law. Since Jude impersonated ME on several social media platforms to access my contacts and use my credentials since she has none of her own, I hope the bitch dies.


Here she is telling 213,000 followers how I'm a brat making false accusations after I caught her AGAIN lying, scheming and breaking the law AGAIN.


Here she is impersonating @Firetown as she clearly gained access to his account as well.


Here she is after boasting about her security after she spent weeks accusing me of hacking her account. In reality she was hacking mine and in addition to making false accusations she threatened to sue me and encouraged (successfully) to harass, humiliate and embarrass me with disinformation and vicious assaults that was broadcast across multiple websites and social media networks worldwide.


Here it is. Proof positive that Jude Vosika is breaking the law by Impersonating people on the Internet which is both illegal, unethical and a violation of the TOS.


I rest my case. Arrest the bitch. She lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming at "The Rocking V Lodge."

This is how you catch a cyberstalker. Vernon, you're next. I can assure you that the forensic evidence and the nature of your crimes are more severe and sick that while you may escape criminal prosecution, you will be tried in a whole different court. The court of public opinion.

Consider your self blacklisted from every social media site and will never again be able to get a date or a job after your deviant criminal behavior is exposed from an "UNDISCLOSED LOCATION"

Good luck getting laid with those shrunken testicles and two inch penis.

You think stalking, threatened, and harassing women makes you a man? Party's over. I may be small, and I may be female, but I inherited stones from my daddy. (A REAL Fed who is happy to show his badge!)

You might want to consider that next time you tell someone you a TBI agent. Pathetic. Both of you. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. This me, the one, the only "Elyssa Durant" in the United States of America. Bye now!
#V אל

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