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Where is the Outrage? - Tennessee Democratic Party - RIGHT HERE!

Tennessee Democratic Party

by Continue,
October 15th 2009 2:57 PM

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Is conservative democrat the way to win in Rural Tennessee?

I am making the following observations based on the results in the 62nd district special election and in anticipation of the upcoming election. Ty Cobb lost to Pat Marsh despite greater attention and resources being pumped into one state assembly seat race than we can expect in multiple races in every district next year. Based on my observation the race boiled down to who was most conservative. Mr. Cobb's point of emphasis seemed to be he was more conservative on the "abortion" issue that his Re…

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Commentary on Racism in America

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Rush Limbaugh Is a Racist

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Republican nut!

Liz Cheney, and some black haired ole' republican, are wanting to keep America safe.....they're nuts! they just don't know how to act with a real President..... President Obama is doing everything as good as any President could do, there are no scandalls, and no leaks that are extremely embarrassing they have nothing, and so they make up something,'s pathetic! and they think we are so stupid, we will believe the "crap", they're shovelin! Continue

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Saint Louis Rams

Well now mr.bouncy-bouncy Limbaugh, wants to buy the Rams. why should the NFL want another Doofus as an owner? they already have Jerry Jones. I should think he is enough for one league. although owning one of the worst teams in the NFL. would give Limbaugh something to shout about. but how could he blame his team loosing on Obama, I'm sure he will find a way. Continue

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My "heartfelt" position

Dear Mike, I've just learned of your position on adoption by same-sex couples and I am deeply disappointed and heartbroken. The last thing the good citizens of Tennessee and the weaken Democratic party need is another ill-informed, regressive, and bigoted politician. I hope and trust that you will thoughtfully and thoroughly research the topic of adoption, including adoption by same-sex couples, talk to experts in… Continue

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Help The Party of The Big Tent Make the Gop The Party of the Pup Tent in 62nd District

They cheered the loss of jobs in America. They cheered the loss of the 2016 Olympics in Chicago. They cheered the loss of single payer and Medicare for all health insurance reform. They are a happy but dwindling bunch this GOP [Gang Of Partypoopers]. When compared to the national democrat's "party of the big tent they can now be called the "party of the pup tent." But not in Tenneessee! In Tennessee the Republicans call the shots in the State Legislature. That can change if you can make calls fo… Continue

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Just as predicted - GOP disses Obama's Peace Prize

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Republican Party is contending that President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize as result of his "star power" rather than meaningful accomplishments. Michael Steele issued a statement Friday saying, "The real question Americans are asking is, What has President Obama actually accomplished?" Steele, who took over the reins of the party earlier this year, said he thought it was "unfortunate that the president's star power has outshined tireless advocates who… Continue

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Congrats to our Nobel Peace Prize President Barack Obama

Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize “Humbled” Obama becomes third sitting U.S. president to win but decision stuns observers because he took office less than two weeks before nomination deadline. Full story Continue

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Robin "right wing nutjob" Smith: A conservative with no sense of balance

Mark Winslow is a spokesperson for a Congressional candidate. His candidate, Robin Smith, is former chair of the Tennessee Republican Party. Ms. Smith is a right wing religious conservative. I host a weekly radio program, I am more liberal than Ms. Smith is (I think the whole world is more liberal than Smith is). In planning the weekly broadcast, I decided to ask Smith for… Continue

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Jackson Day - Meeting President Clinton

PLAIN TALK - Originally published in the 9/1/2209 Edition of the Weakley County Press This past weekend I had the privilege of briefly meeting former President Bill Clinton. It was only a split second hand-shake, but I'll remember it for the rest of my life. President Clinton is my first president. The Clinton/Gore campaign was the first one I really cared about once I was old enough to vote. President Clinton was my Mom's age; his daughter could have been my little sister. He understood that t… Continue

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Death Panel Queen - Betsy McCaughey Gets Exactly What She Deserves

It's a about time someone in the press asked her the tough questions rather than just giving her free airtime. The only other person I've seen doing this is Jon Stewart! What does that say about our media? Continue

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ND Democratic Party Supports a Public Option. TN Dems should do the same

From the Daily Kos The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party met in Fargo, N.D., on September 19, 2009, and passed a unanimous resolution directing the party's Executive Director to send a letter to North Dakota's Congressional Delegation, letting them know where the North Dakota Dem-NPL Party stands. The Dem-NPL's Executive Director wrote a letter to remind the congressional delegation that the party voted last year to urge congress to enact universal, single-payer legislation. In the event thContinue

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GLENN BECK EXPOSED - Watch while practices those weeping jags with a little help from Vicks VapoRub

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Why do republicans only debate half an issue? I read Rep. Susan Lynn's column in Friday's Tennessean as she railed against democratic energy legislation in Congress. She framed the energy issue in this country without mentioning the fact that we import most of our oil from terrorists and we are still running out. The days of cheap energy are over. Someone should inform her about our planet's energy crisis, because had she known the reason behind the energy legislation in Congress, I think she wo… Continue

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How Many More Will Die?

To all members of Congress, both Representatives and Senators: You know, sometimes it really isn't about YOU and YOUR POLITICAL CAREERS. There are bigger issues facing the country than that. In a country that prides itself on medical excellence, we have one of the most dysfunctional health care delivery systems in the world. While politicians, in Washington tiptoe around the problem, thousands of Americans live sicker and die younger because they don't have access to even basic care. I would l… Continue

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We need to findout who his advertisers are and let them know how we feel.

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And this from The Young Turks… Continue

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McCain Campaign Chief Says Palin 2012 Could be "Catastrophic" for Republicans

Reporting and analysis from ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent and "This Week" Host George Stephanopoulos

McCain Campaign Chief Says Palin 2012 Could be "Catastrophic" for Republicans


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Sen. Roy Herron at the 1st Annual Rutherford County Grow Tennessee dinner Sept 19,2009

We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Agnostics and so much more. ONE NATION, MANY FAITHS! Showing respect to others and their beliefs is the American way!

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The Magic of TennCare: A Public Option That Works

The Magic of TennCare: Tennessee Congresswoman Blackburn (R) and the rest of the story... The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Republican Congresswoman (TN) Marsha Blackburn on health care reform. The Wall Street Journal asks Blackburn how people in her state feel about health care reform. In response, Blackburn states that Tennesseans do not want government bu… Continue

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