Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Spider" Suspicious Person Report 7/25/12

Made ten minute video of 24 year old, "Spider" who came running after me as I went to get my mail. He stood outside my window (again) threatening me and called his partner in grime, Vernon, who promptly joined him to harass and intimidate me. I have been unable to leave my apartment for two days because "Spider" and several of his friends and sister (who punched me in the face a few months ago) were standing outside, sitting on cars screaming profanities 10 feet from my window. "Spider" has orange died Mohawk, wears a gas mask and claims to have experience with explosives. He was carrying a copy of the Dark Knight with him and said some bizarre things.

Hx: Institutionalized after a violent assault on his girlfriend who later died. The crazy fucker keeps sending texts and stands outside my window with his friend, Vernon who has made multiple false police reports about me, and claims to be a TBI agent. The video on my iPhone was deleted, and my cell has been jammed every time Spider is on the property. He claims to have hacked the Metro Nashville Police Department and surveillance cameras. Don't say say I didn't warn you. This 24 year old is NOT normal! That's the DailyDDoSe™

July 25, 2012 9:44 pm

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