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Screed of Momus: Why Did Darcy Burner Work with Neal Rauhauser?

Why Did Darcy Burner Work with Neal Rauhauser?

by Jay Batman, screedofmomus.info
July 2nd 2012

In Screed of Momus's continuing series on Neal Rauhauser, one of the more interesting development has been an examination of Neal's association with various progressive, self-identifying feminists like Beth A. Becker of Progressive PST and Darcy Burner of Progressive Congress and Progressive Congress News. Darcy Burner is interesting because she's a Democratic candidate out of Washington's District 1 for the House, and one wonders what kind of questions she might face in the general election campaign should her associations with Neal Rauhauser come up.

Perhaps the questions might look like the following:

1. Were you aware of the fact that Neal Rauhauser owed tens of thousands of dollars worth of unpaid child support while he worked for you at Progressive Congress News to help get PCN up and running?
2. How much was Neal Rauhauser paid for his services?
3. Did you check his past work history in either Iowa, Nebraska, or Illinois before hiring him?
4 . Did you look into his past at all with a background check to find that Neal had multiple domestic abuse protection orders filed against him?
5. Were you aware of Neal's online antics with the Beandog Militia, and his history of trolling people online or associating with others who engaged in online threat campaigns involving threats of raping people's children or noting that Tea Party members had "sexy, fuckable children?"
6. Have you endorsed and/or compelled Neal or others in their efforts to impersonate right wingers online, as Neal says he did in his online diary at the Daily Kos?
7. Why did you retain Neal Rauhauser's services after he was on record as posting that he would shoot Vice President Dick Cheney in 2007?
8. Did Neal ever carry a firearm while in your offices?
9. Were you aware of his past psychiatric issues with narcissistic personality disorder, a form of Asperger's known in psychiatric circles as "simple schizophrenia," or his conduct stemming from those disorders?
10. According to Neal's August 2010 post entitled "The Whore Next Door," you met him in April 2009 well before his online harassment campaign against Tea Partiers and conservatives had begun. Did you discuss his online conduct with him, and did you endorse the methods he employed in 2010 and early 2011?
11. Do you still endorse those methods as legitimate, lawful, and advisable today?
12. Are those methods part and parcel of your public statements that Democrats and Progressives must "go on offense" in 2012 to win?
13. Since you were already working with Neal on Progressive Congress News by August 2010, did you endorse his efforts to infiltrate the Tea Party online by having progressives move undercover as right wing tweeters?
14. Did you or Neal instruct those undercover progressives to engage in online conduct that would make the right wingers as a whole look culpable in harassing and intimidating online behavior?
15. Did you have advance knowledge of the efforts of Neal and his online associates as they related to one Greg W. Howard in Alabama, including the leaking of his bankruptcy filings and various defamatory accusations of racism, including one site that accused Greg of referring to President Obama as a "nigger president?"
16. Are you still working or associating with Neal Rauhauser in any shape, fashion, or form today?
17. If not, when did your association with Neal end?

Darcy, Screed of Momus would like your written responses to these questions at thanksobamablog@gmail.com. However, even if you don't want to answer these questions with a reply, understand that all of the information assembled at Screed of Momus on your association with Neal Rauhauser will be forwarded to your likely Republican opponent John Koster.

Additionally, if you'd like to do the right thing and report your knowledge of Neal's whereabouts to the appropriate authorities in Nebraska who are looking to hold him culpable for over $33,000 in past due child support, the number to call is 1-877-631-9973. If you don't wish to assist the State of Nebraska in their pursuit of a deadbeat dad who worked with you on your initiatives with Progressive Congress, perhaps you can explain your reticence to do so in the general election campaign for District 1 in Washington state.

Author's Note: Imagine my delight when I found that nearly everything I would need to document a connection between Darcy Burner and Neal Rauhauser was neatly compiled over at Bad Journalist. Kudos are due to that site. Also, the work of Patrick Read over at The Swift Read is most instructive as to the methods deployed by Neal Rauhauser against Tea Party supporters on Twitter. Patrick has been covering this from the beginning, and he has a wealth of information on his site about Twittergate and the events of 2010 and 2011. To everyone else working this story, let's keep working it until Neal Rauhauser is found, arrested, and incarcerated for his past due child support. A deadbeat dad can't tweet from jail, can he?

Original Page: http://www.screedofmomus.info/2012/07/why-did-darcy-burner-work-with-neal.html?m=1

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