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On SWATting: Random Acts of Nonsensical “Journalism” | The Trenches

On SWATting: Random Acts of Nonsensical “Journalism”

by bradrees,
June 8th 2012

Earlier this afternoon, the barely relevant cable outfit known as CNN made a half-hearted attempt at something they were once known for. Namely, news reporting.

See Video:

It’s worth watching, mainly because an actual victim of an attempted SWATting, RedState’s Erick Erickson (@EWErickson), was present to keep the CNN host in line.

Notice how adamant Monsieur Lemon is as he frantically (and repeatedly) interrupts Erick each time he’s about to mention the convicted domestic terrorist and fraudster, Brett Kimberlin. Fairly interesting, that. Has Ted Turner ever been SWATted? A point to ponder, perhaps?

Alliteration aside, and digression notwithstanding, it is amusing that no one in the legacy media apparatus saw fit to touch this year-old issue until one of their own (Erick is a CNN contributor, after all) was personally affected.

Might Saxby Chambliss have sent that letter to AG Holder regardless of whether a prominent fellow Georgian were the most recent victim? We are almost certain he would have. Senator Chambliss is an honorable man, with a long history of pursuing justice.

Sadly, we cannot in good conscience report that CNN’s motives were nearly as pure. Still, a pat on the back is due them as we welcome them aboard for the ride. No, we’re not letting them drive. Those days are long since past. (And, during that obligatory back-slapping session, we may or may not have left a “Kick Me” sign there. We’ll never tell.)

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