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Neal Rauhauser: Diary of a Madman | The Trenches

Neal Rauhauser: Diary of a Madman

by FoolishReporter,
June 14th 2012

Voices in the darkness
Scream away my mental health
Can I ask a question
To help me save me from myself?

– Ozzy Osbourne “Diary of a Madman”

Those lyrics seem appropriately fitting, given The Trenches’  recent coverage of what appears to be leftist political operative Neal Rauhauser’s shady, bordering on criminal, dealings in the world of politics.

The walls are closing in, Rauhauser. Can you feel it?

The reason why this post is focusing on Rauhauser’s mental health comes from a few entries in the online harasser’s now deleted WordPress blog and Tumblr. A curious mix of paranoia, reflection and asshattery, the man’s words reveal him for the kook he truly is, and perhaps reveal the cause, as well.

You see, at least according to Rauhauser, he has Lyme Disease, a painful affliction that’s caused by a tick bite. For most, the disease expresses itself in physical pain and other manifestations, but, for many, it also expresses itself in various forms of mental illness and decay.

From the man himself:

I am profoundly frustrated and I think I am writing this in lieu of talking to myself, which would be more than a little inappropriate given where I am sitting right now.

We know that mental fluidity declines around age fifty. That’s a few years away for me, but I’ve been dealing with the effects of Lyme since 2007, and there are some cognitive issues that come and go with the disease.

He continues :

Brain chemistry wise I take SAM-e, primarily due to joint troubles, but it’s a tremendous anti-depressant as well. There are a clutch of vitamins and minerals needed to offset the damage that Lyme has done to my digestion. I like kava kava for the days when my blood pressure isn’t right, which are thankfully few. When I was really having trouble I would supplement with 5-HTP, a neurotransmitter precursor. I’m puzzling over what, if anything I should do now.

To quote the Internet… O RLY? A “natural” anti-depressant and a spate of other medications and supplements? I wonder how much confidence that would inspire in your clients or any others who have been unfortunately drawn into your circle of influence to know that you pop pills like candy? Or, as they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

I imagine your pharmacists must know you quite well, by now, Rauhauser. Looks like you’ve got quite the collection of little pills to help you feel better there… or do they make you crazier?

In this 2004 article from a healthcare professional on the psychological effects of Lyme Disease on patients, many of the mental symptoms experienced are laid out. Here are a few of the highlights. Lyme Disease can :

– produce  learning disabilities

– mood swings

– anxiety and depression

– panic attacks

– obsessive behavior

– sudden rages

The article also notes that a “a recent European study shows that psychiatric in-patients are nearly twice as likely as the average population to test positive for Lyme” ,  and also that “Psychiatric Lyme has been linked with virtually every psychiatric diagnosis.”

Begins to explain a lot, eh?

Let’s get back to the man’s own words to show how it appears Lyme Disease (and apparently other factors) have made him moonbat crazy over the years. In another post from his now defunct blog, Rauhauser actually touches on “mental illness and online participation.”

The peak of my writing output correlated with a brain injury - I had obvious speech troubles and you can’t see it since I proofed my writing… I see a lot of other people who are active and influential online in similar situations – they’re educated, they write well, but they are neither right nor well. 

Ho ho! On top of a disease which is slowly being discovered to be a leading cause of mental disorder among people, and an “adrenal” disorder that we haven’t, and won’t touch on, Rauhauser ALSO suffered a brain injury at some point in his past? Another fun fact is that the man has admitted to publicly is that he suffers from Asperger Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism. Asperger Syndrome is characterized by “significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.” Neal discusses Asperger’s in detail in a piece he wrote in 2008 here. Those close to him are aware of his Asperger’s, as noted in the email we published from Lane Lipton, the New York teacher, who injected herself as Neal’s proxy in negotiations with Mike Stack to get Stack to drop charges against Mr. Rauhauser.

Again, I wonder what your “compatriots” might think about you, knowing all this. For instance, your lawyer who isn’t your lawyer, Jay Leiderman. Waddya say, Jay?

Now, as someone who was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder in my early 20′s, I admit I had some reservation about mocking someone for their apparent mental issues. But then I remembered what a complete asshole Rauhauser is when I read another post from his blog titled “Conspiracism and Competence”. In this doozy, he explains his thoughts on right wing conspiracy theorists, and how they should be dealt with online. In short, Rauhauser goes all Cobra Kai on us, and basically says “No Mercy for those who dare stand in my way”.

First, he shows his disdain. “The blind leading the blind” comes to mind, for some reason.

Conspiracists differ from competent adults in how they will interpret what has been said here so far. You can count on a few specific characteristics from those with the cluster of cognitive deficits that define the conspiracy theorist.

Really? Ye of most likely Psychiatric Lyme, brain injury, speech problems and other issues are gonna scold people for their “cognitive deficits”? That’s pretty rich.

And here’s where it gets really fun:

Anonymity, action at a distance, the presence of cyberbully communities, and cynical, indecent operatives who will happily manipulate the hapless conspiracist all combine into a poisonous brew when a web browser is added to the mix. 

Strange, Neal, because you, for all intents and purposes, have fed at least two online personalities a conspiracy theory and set them loose on a variety of well-known conservative bloggers. We won’t name them. Use your imagination.

And now we get to the part where Neal reveals himself for the asshole he truly is. Now remember, to him, conspiracists suffer from “cognitive deficiencies”. And here’s his advice on how to deal with them:

- Internet predators who seek out and manipulate conspiracists should face job loss, jail time, public and private humiliation, and any other consequences that can be arranged for them. Break no laws, but otherwise respect no bounds of polite society with regard to your actions against such persons.

-Cyberbullies are fair game – study their cognitive deficits and psychology, then feel free to goad them into doing things that bring them real world consequences. Such people lack planning abilities, but their methods often complement the predator’s strategy. 

-Conspiracists should not be hunted, but if they linger where they are not wanted they may be tormented in any way one can devise, with no ethical concerns regarding their personal mental safety.

-Conceal reality, present pretense, and outright simulation is fair if you have the time and talent to wield it. (Last Statue, anyone?)

-Do not involve innocents in pretense and simulation, attempt to warn any who come to the attention of bad actors

Shorter Neal: They’re not right in the head, so feel free to screw with them to the point of breaking them. Awesome!

So here we have Rauhauser acting as a political operative for the Left and Far Left. A man who admits he has mental issues from various physical maladies he’s suffered in his life. A man who, although mentally ill himself, advises others to attack the mentally ill as hard as they can if encountered online and don’t share the correct political ideologies.

Psst! Neal!

You’re the kook you’ve accused so many of being and who you’ve set your attack dogs on multiple times throughout the years. Hope you know that.

Bellum letale.

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