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BREAKING: Neal Rauhauser Believes SWATter is One of His Own | The Trenches

BREAKING: Neal Rauhauser Believes SWATter is One of His Own

by Brooks Bayne,
June 11th 2012

This is a bombshell in the Weinergate SWATting saga. The Trenches was contacted by a source who shared the following email from Neal Rauhauser to Mike Stack and Jay Leiderman with us.

Neal Rauhauser stabs his very own Beandog/Twittergate crew in the back by saying that they’re involved in the SWATting of Mike Stack. Et tu, Neal? That’s probably going to make some people very unhappy. 

Neal presents himself in this email as a victim, ironic considering his direct involvement in much of this dangerous and pathetic internet drama from the onset. Neal also appears to be playing an angle for a settlement between Patrick Frey and Stack. Odd bit of “altruism” at the 11th hour. He makes the claim to Leiderman that Stack was duped by Frey and Robert Stacy McCain, and that has somehow exposed Stack to a federal hate crimes charge. Really?! Is that an intimidation tactic to get Stack to drop his case against you, Neal? Anyway, Rauhauser concludes with the desire to pay his attorney Leiderman for a couple hours time to draft an agreement wherein both parties drop their complaints/charges against one another.

What’s the disposition of the case? Did Stack drop his proceedings? Did Neal keep his end of the bargain? We’ll examine this soon.

Who is Jay Leiderman? He’s the attorney who’s been making a habit of representing criminals from the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the hacker group Anonymous. It  looks like “Commander X” ran to Canada and someone lost $35,000 in bail money. Oops, Jay! Wait a minute, doesn’t Jay also represent Nadia Naffe? You remember Nadia – she’s the one who made the outrageous claim that she was mysteriously drugged by James O’Keefe and woke up at a train station. The company these people keep…

Strange. There’s an intersection of Neal with SWATting, Occupy, Anonymous, Beandogs, Weinergate, Twittergate and more to follow.

I wonder if anyone will notice the significance of this development? We do. Leftist freakout moment in 3, 2, 1…

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