Friday, June 22, 2012

Ten Ways the IT Department Enables Cyber Crime |

Ten Ways the IT Department Enables Cyber Crime

by Kaspersky Lab,
November 30th -0001

Topics: Cyber Crime, Passwords, Security Policy

End-user demands for access to the World Wide Web and all of the communication vehicles that it affords are at an all-time high. Business demands for those same communication vehicles are also on the rise. The mobility of employees and company data present a growing challenge and keeping up with the exponentially growing cyber crime threat is daunting.

As a result, and often without their knowledge or understanding, many IT departments have become accomplices to cyber crime. This slideshow explains the various ways that corporate IT departments are enabling cyber crime in our environments, and provides some guidelines to prevent this dangerous, destructive practice from continuing.

This slideshow features 10 ways that IT departments are enabling cyber criminals today, as identified by Kaspersky Lab experts, and offers ways to stop them.

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