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Signs of Aspergers in Teenagers and Adults

Signs of Aspergers in Teenagers and Adults

by admin, aspergershq.com
January 21st 2012

There are plenty of signs of aspergers syndrome that can be spotted during the initial years of a child; however if they weren’t as apparent and you wish to find out the symptoms of aspergers in teenagers and adults, this article will help throw some light on the disorder post the childhood years.

It is no rocket science to know that the faster one recognises the symptoms and signs of aspergers syndrome, the better position one will be in to tackle the situation. Hence if you suspect some teenager close to you has aspergers, then it will be of great use to be able to recognise the exact signs of aspergers in teenagers.

Aspergers in Teenagers – Symptoms

Since most symptoms of the disorder that occur during childhood persist even as the patient enters his/her teens, it would be helpful to quickly go over the signs of aspergers syndrome during childhood. The following are the common symptoms during childhood:

• Unable to adjust to regular sleeping pattern
• Inability to grasp social cues, and recognise different speech tones
• Excessive usage of advanced words
• Excessive interest on a single, strange topic/activity
• Often found talking to themselves aloud.

These signs of aspergers are usually common signs of aspergers in teenagers too. Though in certain cases, patients of the disorder are able to grasp some of the social cues and skills, still they are more than likely to face problems communicating with others and recognising body language and facial expression differences.

If there is a case of aspergers in teenagers, they are also likely to find it tough to fit in their peer group, as with increase in age, the differences become far clearer, and hence the teenager suffering from aspergers is likely to be bullied and teased. Hence you should keep a close eye on such situations as such reactions will further lead to social isolation and maybe even depression in cases where aspergers in teenagers exist.

However this isn’t always necessarily the case, as some cases of aspergers in teenagers might be far more normal. They might in fact have a few reasonable close friends too. And in fact some common signs of aspergers in teenagers such as displaying excessive interest in particular topics, not following the expected social norms etc can indeed even lead to making the teenager prosper and excel in areas of his/her interest. Hence aspergers in teenagers shouldn’t always be viewed negatively, as if treated well it can be a blessing in disguise!

Aspergers during adulthood

Certain traits and signs of aspergers in teenagers might still clearly persist during adulthood. Excessive interests in certain areas, social anxiety, having one-sided conversations are examples of symptoms and signs of aspergers syndrome even during adulthood, which might have been pretty much the case during aspergers in teenage years.

However, if your near and dear one continue to display signs of aspergers syndrome, you should not be disheartened, as, like mentioned above, even beyond the stage of aspergers in teenagers, patients can indeed go on to become successful citizens and professionals.

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