Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh Jokey… | Open letter to Breitbart and the FBI

In light of new information, I am posting this letter to support Breitbart, Mandy, and others who have been destroyed by Neal Rauhauser, Lance Miller, Scot Terban and several others who have made my life a living hell for over one year.

Using technique called #SWATTING they have hacked my website, my reputation, placed false calls to police accusing me of only god knows what, posted missing persons report and sent fire trucks and police to my home who showed up with assault rifles and sharp shooters and hazmat team, threatening me and my family on multiple occasions. 

This disgusting "hobby" is endangering my physical and emotional safety and has destroyed my professional credibility. The first post was 12 months ago today on

I sent multiple requests and responded  publicly to their outrageous accusations, and even spoke to the editor when he called a colleague of mine pretending to be an officer of the court.

All comments were deleted immediately, and even after I identified myself to Lance Miller, assistant editor  on the telephone when he mistakenly called my friend and colleague while I was in New York City at a conference. Mr. Miller identified himself as "Frank" (an ex cop and PI) 

I know Frank. I speak to him on a weekly basis. Lance refused to take an official statement (he, like Adrian Lamo, claims to be a journalist) 

Well, I went to J-school, law school, and have a few degrees under my belt. Lance may or may not have any formal training, but even twelve year olds know how to "spoof your number" and at the very least press *67 when calling colleagues with doctorate degrees at Columbia University. 


Lance didn't even deny it when I read his name and telephone number off the caller ID. 

After sending numerous requests and commenting in their online forum, I was ridiculed, harassed, and ultimately kicked out the online forum. 

Even worse, anything I posted on my personal website was hacked and defaced by these security "professionals" 

I am now unemployed, and have been asked to use a "Pen Name" on my next publication since my publisher is concerned that sales will be negatively effected by online disinformation that was intended to destroy my career and my life.

Well, fuck you, Lulz! 

It ain't over till it's over. I can take the hits, but I will not be silent when so many lives are at risk.

Elyssa Durant
#pwned USA

PS This approach didn't help either! 

Now Public 6/24/2012

Subject: Fwd: Oh Jokey… | Krypt3ia


Begin forwarded message:

From: PowersThatBeat
Date: April 25, 2012 7:41:50 CDT
Oh Jokey… | Krypt3ia

Asshole! I hope you get what you deserve... JAIL TIME!

You used ALTERED financial and HIPAA protected medical records that were obtained illegally and posted them on your site for shits and giggles?

For the record, you are interfering in a federal investigation and now guilty of violating some pretty serious federal laws; e.g. 18 USC 665 Obstruction of invegations in connection with employment training funds not to mention about ten other federal offenses.

You certainly didn't do your homework or you would have realized that the documents you reference are my credentials required by the state licensure boards to work with high risk residential populations with mental illness~ kinda like you minus the attitude and the arrogance.

Not only did you fuck with my website, my family, my credibity and federal documents; you posted financials from my parents law firm and the so called "dots" you connected were based upon Jaded's shady post that has since gone 404 after YOU pointed out Escrow accounts and posted my father's home address that you STOLE, ALTERED, POSTED, CITED and PRESENTED as fact.

Get a fucking clue! The only reason I asked my father to manage my benefits is because I was being treated for spinal lesion and had complications coordinating benefits after Tennessee cut 400,000 beneficiaries off the rolls and my contract did not include benefits~ just a lot of responsibility and details about health care law and policy.

Before you start making jokes about my mental health, benefits, or my eligibility status, I suggest you STFU, remove the post and realize how
many laws you are breaking and know that I may be crazy, but I'm definitely not stupid. And despite your ridiculous, libelous post you cranked through the machine, you are clearly no expert and have no clue how serious it is to falsify and interfere with a federal investigation that involves public entitlement funds that were
mismanaged by the reporting agencies, and ALL parties (including you) are guilty for reporting incorrect data and exploiting someone who is sick and fucking tired of being exploited.

How dare you make jokes about a person with a disability? How dare you judge me and interfere with my personal freedom and physical safety? How do you sleep at night knowing that you and your "colleagues" have socially engineered so many fake personas that I got 65 alerts in one week.

I assure you that NONE of this is funny to authorities who can't even fill out a police report properly OR to my father who is far too busy to be bothered with total complete fucking morons who are stupid too.

Love the comments you all left for "Agent Daddy" because one thing is for sure... You may be working for the Pentagon or some anti-Semitic terrorist cell, but I promise you that no matter how hard you try, I do not negotiate with terrorists.

I respectfully request that you remove any reference to my name or character from your website immediately, or I may be forced to turn to take formal legal actions and and sue you and your "colleagues" for defamation of charcter and about fifteen violations of federal law that each contain a hefty sentence and healthy fine.


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