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An Insight into Aspergers in Famous People

An Insight into Aspergers in Famous People

by admin, aspergershq.com
December 14th 2011

Existence of Aspergers in famous people

Aspergers Syndrome is a life long mental condition, experienced by scores of people, while sometimes wrongly perceived as a retardation disease it is a surprising fact to see the inheritance of Aspergers in famous people. Also known as ‘High Functioning Autism’, Aspergers is defined as the lack of social skills and the difficulty to understand and relate to the social world in a logical manner. Hence, it makes it hard for individuals with such a condition to co-exist with the society in a normal way, regardless of which it is a surprising fact to see the existence of Aspergers in famous people, who suffer from this condition and manage to maintain a remarkably normal social life.

Individuals with Aspergers are known to have a high intelligence quotient, an intensive focus on matters and obsession with various ideas or objects. They also limit themselves with regard to gestures and expression and prefer no contact. In more developed cases on Aspergers one can see people to have an impaired reciprocal interaction with the society. In addition to these symptoms, people with Aspergers have highly developed senses, whereby they react more strongly to smells, sounds, sights and touch.

It is very interesting to see how regardless of their mental condition, many people suffering from Aspergers lead very successful and social lives, thriving in fields such as music, literature, drama, sports and education. Though at odds with the expected behavior of someone with Aspergers, Aspergers in famous people evidently shows the possibility of leading an secluded, full life even without there being a treatment for the Aspergers syndrome.

There is a long list of famous people with Aspergers, some of whom are highlighted below, evidencing the diverse nature of these individuals and the possibility of more.

  • William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates- The American business tycoon, chairman of Microsoft, he was diagnosed with Aspergers during his early childhood, and is today known as a worldwide leader in software solutions. He is almost a worldwide phenomenon, having founded what runs billions of computers today.
  •  Sir Isaac Newton – The English mathematician, astronomer, physicist and philosopher, who founded the theory and ideologies behind gravity and the laws of motion. His discoveries of made for the basis of mechanics, he was seen as a scientific revolutionary.
  • Jane Austen -  An English classical author, who has written numerous highly appraised novels on the society and culture of her times. Her work was perceived as many to be a bitingly honest commentary, representing society.
  • Charles Darwin – Known as the father of evolution, he was a naturalist, working on biology and geology, famous for his theory of evolution and natural selection.
  • Michaelangelo di Lodovico – One of the world’s most famous Italian Renaissance painter, architect and sculptor. Not only did he have genius strokes he was also an engineer and poet, displaying versatile talents.

Other famous people suffering from Aspergers are celebrities such as Mozart, Albert Einstein, George Orwell, Woody Allen etc.

Seeing Aspergers in famous people in such quantities is an unexpected fact, but surely it helps to show that even those suffering from this neurobiological condition can infact function normally and produce such extraordinary talents.

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