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‘Digital forensics required to combat rise in ME cyber crime’

‘Digital forensics required to combat rise in ME cyber crime’

by a staff reporter, main.omanobserver.om
May 18th 2012

MUSCAT — AccessData Group, the pioneer of digital investigations and litigation support, is set to generate regional awareness about digital forensics and incident response technologies through its participation in a key cyber security conference that was held in Dubai late last week.
AccessData is a co-host of the security event organised by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc (ISC).
“Companies in the region are beginning to realise that there is a need for holistic cyber security. The malware attacks plaguing the region are growing not only in volume but also in sophistication.
Merely having a firewall or basic security system in place is no longer sufficient. Both government and private enterprises need to address this by developing a security strategy that includes digital forensics and incident response,” said Simon Whitburn, VP
International Sales at AccessData Group.
In his keynote address, Adrian Culley, Global Engineer for AccessData, discussed the rise of targeted high-tech and e-Crime, which will include the increase in malware attacks being seen around the world, including the Middle East, and the risks they pose to Critical National Infrastructure.
He also discussed the need for dynamic malware analysis tools and visualisation solutions to detect, investigate, remediate and prevent such attacks.
The number of compromised records involved in data breaches investigated by Verizon Business and the US Secret Service dropped from 144 million in 2009 to only 4 million in 2010.
Yet this year’s report covers approximately 760 data breaches, the largest caseload to-date. Therefore businesses and consumers must remain vigilant in implementing and maintaining security practices.
To assist organisations to achieve such a strategic goal, AccessData demonstrated its new Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology (CIRT) solution that integrates large-scale data auditing, network-based analysis and host-based analysis into a single, easy-to-use interface.
CIRT enables government and commercial organisations to effectively address data spillage, external threats and internal threats, aiding incident response by providing the most comprehensive view into critical data.
AccessData also exhibited its revolutionary new release Forensic Toolkit 4.0 (FTK) at the event.
AccessData has been present in the Middle East since 2010, and is the only vendor to offer digital forensic solutions for static, volatile and network data.
The SecureDubai conference brought together more than 120 experts and practitioners from various fields to share their experiences and discuss trends in data forensics.

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