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Causes, Functions and Symptoms of High Functioning Aspergers

Causes, Functions and Symptoms of High Functioning Aspergers

by admin, aspergershq.com
December 7th 2011

What is High Functioning Aspergers?

High Functioning Aspergers syndrome is a commonly experienced neurobiological disorder, which is part of the ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’. The spectrum refers to a number of developmental disabilities, such as Aspergers and autism. As suggested by the name, spectrum disorders such as Aspergers appear in varying combinations and degrees of seriousness, exhibiting the presence or lack of various skills and abilities. Experiencing Aspergers can be a tough life situation for both the individual and the family, but may well provide an emotionally strong bond between them too.

High functioning Aspergers Diagnosis

Statistics estimated about more than 400,000 families are affected by Aspergers, and most prominently it is seen amongst the male members. It has been identified as a personality disorder, where the people have normal intelligence and language development, but with poor coordination and severely impaired social skills, whereby one is unable to effectively communicate with others and relate to the social world on a normal basis. High functioning Aspergers can only be diagnosed in a child after the age of 3, but it becomes most prominently identifiable between the ages of 5 and 9. However due to the highly hidden form of this disorder, these individuals are highly disadvantaged in terms of getting a correct diagnose at an appropriate time.

There are no definite symptoms to diagnose high functioning Aspergers syndrome, however, there are quite a few signs and certain behavioural characteristics that enable doctors to identify Aspergers. People with high functioning Aspergers syndrome are found to have average or above average intelligence and do not face the difficulties of language development or other pervasive developmental disorders that is typically found in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Diagnosed individuals usually have impairment in reciprocal social interaction; they have extremely nerdish social skills, they are unable to interact logically with their peers, they lack the realisation of social and environmental cues and tend to display inappropriate behaviour. They also have an all-consuming intensive interest in repetition of activities and feel the need to impose a self-routine.

All the people with Aspergers tend to use highly expressive language phrases with odd voice and phrasing characteristics, while also lacking the understanding of the complexity of literal and implied meanings, whereby they have little or no understanding of humour and sarcasm. They are usually quite clumsy and limit their hand gestures, they don’t enjoy any sort of contact from others and show a serious lack of emotion display and undergo motor ineptness. One highly striking feature of people with high functioning Apserger’s is that they undergo phases of obsession with items or information. With having high functioning Aspergers syndrome one’s five senses are also severely heightened, as these individuals tend to react strongly to smells, sounds, sights, tastes etc or such similarly presented stimuli.

There are a few reasons, which are given as to how one can develop high functioning Aspergers syndrome. It is primarily genetic and gets passed on with the genes. However, apart from inherited genetic conditions, high functioning Aspergers can also be caused by other medical problems which are still being researched and investigated or environmental factors.

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