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Bill Gates Aspergers | Famous People with Aspergers

Bill Gates Aspergers – Aspergers Viewed in a Positive Light!

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December 28th 2011

Bill Gates Aspergers Syndrome?

Bill Gates Aspergers Syndrome might sound like an oxymoron, leaving you wondering how can it be possible for the billionaire founder of Microsoft to be diagnosed with such a disorder. But many experts believe that Bill Gates actually was a patient of mild aspergers syndrome, just like numerous other geniuses and famous figures. Yes it is indeed true that aspergers syndrome is not the grey ash everyone makes it out to be. There is no doubt that dealing with it is quite challenging, but there are plenty of cases exemplifying the fact that if it is taken positively and treated well, it can produce geniuses! Hence the following article looks at Bill Gates aspergers in particular, as a medium to depict the larger picture: the benefits of aspergers syndrome.

Experts and authors have often described a number of different Gates’s idiosyncrasies, trying to prove that the case of Bill Gates aspergers was actually real, and not just a myth. One of the most common of these often reported is Gates’s constant rocking to and fro, which is considered to be quite common in those suffering from disorders under the autism spectrum. Another aspect of Gates’s behaviour often reported, throwing further light on the Bill Gates aspergers possibility, is that he wasn’t comfortable in making eye contact and was not considered to be very good socially. Some have even pointed out that the Microsoft founder’s voice lacked tone, and hence usually spoke in a flat tone, which is another evidence pointing out to the fact that Bill Gates aspergers was indeed true. Some even point out to his ability to memorize and recite lengthy bible passages with such ease as a result of Bill Gates aspergers syndrome being actually true.

Additionally, which might sound obvious, but his unwavering focus and attention to technology and programming has also been seen as a by-product of aspergers syndrome. It is quite common for patients of aspergers to be obsessed in certain activities, so much so that they forget the world around them and dedicate themselves completely to that interest of theirs. Those who believe Bill Gates aspergers was actually true believe that Gates benefited from this symptom of aspergers immensely, and the results are of course for all to see.

Bill Gates Aspergers – Being Gifted

Hence what one can derive from the numerous reporting of Bill Gates aspergers being true is that aspergers syndrome can indeed result in the patient being gifted with above normal intelligence and the immense power of dedication and focus. And to prove that point further it should be pointed out that it is not only Bill Gates who is considered to be a patient of aspergers; but there are a number of the so called ‘famous aspies’ such as Einstein, Mozart, Darwin, Picasso, Aristotle, Marie Curie etc. Each of them have been giants in their respective fields, and just like the case of Bill Gates aspergers quite possibly being true, even these greats have been known to have displayed signs and symptoms of aspergers.

In essence, if some one close to you has been diagnosed with this challenging disorder, you should keep your chin up and treat them well. You never know, they might just create history and be added to the list that comprises of Bill Gates aspergers and numerous other remarkable aspies!

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