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About Mild Aspergers Syndrome - Symptoms

About Mild Aspergers Syndrome – Symptoms

by admin, aspergershq.com
January 28th 2012

If you are interested in finding out about mild aspergers syndrome, then the following article will be of great help, throwing light on the common symptoms that you should be aware of about aspergers syndrome, and in particular those symptoms that are prevalent in those suffering from mild aspergers syndrome.

There are a wide range of conditions that basically lead to communication, social, and emotional problems, and fall under the autism spectrum of disorders. Aspergers syndrome is one of these disorders. As compared to autism, patients suffering from this order are usually much more mildly affected. Even amongst those that are diagnosed with aspergers, there are some who have symptoms that are extremely mild in nature, so much so that at times they are not even diagnosed. Such cases fall under the mild aspergers syndrome category.

However, at the same time there are many patients diagnosed with more severe cases of aspergers who find it extremely tough to deal with their life, as aspergers syndrome can lead to isolation, depression, anxiety etc. Hence to know more about both mild aspergers syndrome and severe cases we should first know how to recognise it by finding out its symptoms.

Mild Aspergers – Communication Problems

One of the major symptoms of both mild aspergers and much more serious cases is the inability to communicate properly. Patients are usually not able to grasp social cues and skills, hence finding it rather difficult to start or maintain conversations. Additionally, often people with mild aspergers also are usually not able to understand a person’s body language or facial expressions, making it even more challenging.
Even failure to differentiate between different voice tones and pitch is a symptom that falls under this categry. As a result, those who are suffering from this disorder fail to distinguish between jokes, sarcastic comments, etc and hence often take everything said very literally.

Continously talking regardless of the listener’s interest is another common symptom that you should know about mild aspergers syndrome. They also are often not sensitive to the feelings of the listener, and as a result tend to be isolated and bullied.
Whether it be mild aspergers or more severe cases, communication problems are usually always present. Yes the severity of the problem might vary, but rarely they don’t exist, even in those diagnosed with mild aspergers.

Mild Aspergers – Social Relationship Issues

Another very common symptom of aspergers syndrome is the difficulty faced in developing social relations and contacts. As a result of not being able to communicate properly, understanding body language, being sensitive to peers and understanding their interests, those suffering from aspergers find it very tough to make and build relationships.
However those who suffer from mild aspergers have in fact often gone on to get married and have a family. Many have been extremely successful in their chosen career paths as well. So mild aspergers syndrome is surely not a brick wall that one might think it is!

Mild Aspergers – Lack Of Imagination

It is common to find children diagnosed with aspergers syndrome to go on to become very successful people, as they often have above normal intelligence and are impressive in grasping facts and figures. However at the same time, they struggle to be creative and think out of the box. Lacking in imagination is hence considered to be very common in those diagnosed with both more severe and mild aspergers syndrome.

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